Leather vs Leatherette 

Genuine Leather

When looking for that premium, upmarket & high quality option, genuine leather is your best choice. Each skin has its own character, giving a natural uniqueness to every job.


  • Wide range of colours & finishes.
  • Hard wearing with a long life span.

Please feel free to contact us for our range of Genuine Leathers available.


Leatherette PU  (NOT WELDED PVC)

Also referred to as "Faux Leather" or "Imitation Leather", Leatherette is a Polyurethane based material used in the shoe and upholstery industry. With its Leather like look and feel it is a great cost effective alternative to Genuine leather.


  • Great value for money
  • Doesn't split along folds like Welded PVC
Other material options include:

  • Canvas (water resistant)
  • felt
  • suede 

(Other material options are only available for large quantity orders)

Please note:

  • Genuine Leather is ordered in per job and not kept in stock. (Manufacturing Lead Times depending on suppliers having stock and/or Tannery lead times)
  • We Carry a Wide Range of colours of PU Leatherette, please contact us for our most current and up to date swatch.
  • Although all effort is made in ensure that Colours and Finishes are the same, due to the manufacturing of both Leatherette & Leather in batches, you will find slight variances in colour shades and finishes from batch to batch.
  • Some Materials are more conducive to specific industries and we will ensure that you, as our client, make the most informed decision.