Our wood working department pride themselves in manufacturing only the best wooden folders that not only look great but live up to the quality that we stand for. 

All our wooden products are manufactured from scratch, giving the client unlimited design options. With a range of woods to choice from & multiple finishes, we can ensure that your new wooden folders fit in with your establishment.

Wood Options

Commercial Ply Wood:

The go to for wood. The most cost effective wood option that has your typical wood look and feel. With a reasonably uniform grain your covers will the same look and feel to each other.  

Logo burn: 

Logo burns evenly 

Pine Ply Wood:

The most well known wood. It has a natural yellowness to it with mixed grains running across the wood. The back (Inside) of the wood does not look the same as the outside leading to darker inside of your wooden folder. 

Logo burn: 

Logo burns unevenly due to the irregular grain. 

Natural Bamboo

2.2mm Cross Weave Vertical Natural Bamboo:

Going green has never been this easy. With its cross weave it allows us to have a very thin wooden folder without but ensuring it is still very strong. Has a very uniform grain that runs evenly on both sides of the wood. It has a very premium look and feel. 

Logo burn: 

Logo burns evenly. Can't burn too dark to prevent bubbling in layers. 

5mm Vertical Natural Bamboo:

This vertical bamboo is exactly as the name explains. It a solid grain that runs right through the length of the sheet. Still lighter than its wooden counterparts for its thickness.

Logo burn: 

Logo burns evenly. can burn darker do to the solid nature of the bamboo.

5mm Woven Natural Bamboo:

A dense woven bamboo that is unbelievably strong for its thickness. has a darker natural colour.

Logo burn: 

Logo burns evenly.

All our bamboo products are sourced from sustainable sources, with full accreditation. Endorsed by the WWF, Bamboo has the smallest carbon footprint of all the "wooden" options out there.

Besides the smaller impact on the environment, bamboo has a number of our benefits. Please click the file below to find out more.

Benefits of Bamboo.pdf Benefits of Bamboo.pdf
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Keeping to our promise of offering an environmentally friendly option, all branding is burnt into the wood. We don't use any toxic chemicals or inks, just pure heat.

The basics are the same as if you were to emboss your Leather/Leatherette covers, only we add a lot more heat. This gives a great natural look and feel.


Wood & Bamboo are both naturally occurring products, so you will have a difference in grains and finishes on the wood/bamboo itself from sheet to sheet.