We understand the need of "going green", that is why Napoleon Marketing now offers a Greener alternative to your standard Leather or Leatherette covers.

Be it the Natural Bamboo covers or  Com/Pine Ply, going green has never been this easy.

All Natural Bamboo

When it comes to Bamboo, the benefits outweigh the cost ten-fold. Being Hyper-allergenic & Naturally antibacterial are just two of the endless benefits. Sourced from only the best suppliers with Eco-friendly farming methods. Reducing our carbon foot print is a guarantee when it comes to Natural bamboo products. 


2.2mm Cross woven Board: Incredibly strong and light

5mm Solid Board: When you are looking for slightly thicker option

Com/Pine Wood

When looking for variety in finishes Ply wood is the option for you. With 2 finishes available, (more options still to come), you are spoilt for choice. Treated or Raw the choice is yours.


3mm Cross woven Board: Strong and light

6mm Solid Board: When you are looking for slightly thicker option


Keeping to our promise of offering an environmentally friendly option, all branding is burnt into the wood. We don't use any toxic chemicals or inks just pure heat.

The basics are the same as if you were to emboss your Leather/Leatherette covers, only we add a lot more heat. This gives a great natural look and feel.


Wood & Bamboo are both naturally occurring products, so you will have a difference in grains and finishes on the wood/bamboo itself from sheet to sheet.